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What Buyers DON’T want

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No thank you...


Here’s a list of home features buyers Don’t Want, according to the California Association of Realtors.

70% of those surveyed positively do not want in-home elevators. Stairs are better for us anyway. This will make all those cardiologists out there happy.  Most elevators end up being used to store the vacuum.

Then there is the Master Bath without the bathtub (which begs the question, how do you have a Master bath without the bath?). This is a real no-no with 51% of home buyers. Seems that a gigantic shower with multiple shower heads doesn’t cut it.   Bath tubs are also needed in family friendly homes.

41% could care less about a wet bar.  This does not apply to a wet bar that can also be used as a second kitchen.  Having a kitchen open to a family room IS a very desirable thing and takes the place of outdated wet bars.

Years ago laminate countertops were popular but today buyers steer clear. Actually laminate has come a long way but not long enough for 41% of the home buyers.   There are many great affordable options for counters but granite and other stone still tops the list of what buyers want.

Speaking of laminates, buyers do not want laminate flooring and carpet is not desirable either.  Hardwood or stone with area rugs is the most popular choice for flooring.

With all the magazine coverage on glamorous outdoor kitchens, you would think this is the ultimate, but 31% gave it a thumbs down. Maybe having two kitchens to clean is not such a good thing.  Having a patio with a simple BBQ area is a much better use of money and space.

Then there are the glass front cabinet doors31% obviously don’t want to be concerned how everything shows inside their cabinets.   Painting the back side of the cabinets can turn a don’t into a do for some added style in the kitchen however.

Lastly those ceramic tile countertops with all those infamous grout lines is not a good choice for 30% of the buyers. Solid surface, easy clean, make it a no-brainer is the style they want.  See above, granite and other stone tops the list of what buyers want.

Bathrooms off the kitchen or dining room are another negative for most buyers.

Homes decorated with a theme (southwest, beach, 80s punk…you get the idea,) are not desirable.

This may surprise you, but buyers do not want newly remodeled kitchens and baths.  Most buyers would prefer to have the kitchen and baths updated to their own style and unless you have a super design sense or are working with a designer, you may alienate more buyers than attract.  You might be better off giving a credit for what you would have spent.