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To use a lock box or not?

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I don’t use lock boxes on my client’s property (except in special circumstances)…and I’ll tell you why: My job is to sell your home, to the best buyer and for the highest price…Part of doing that job is being at the property to show to prospective buyers…to sell the home.   When I am at […]

Development in San Pedro-Ponte Vista

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The final EIR for Ponte Vista was presented a few months ago with a proposal of 830 units, including 208 single family homes, 224 2 story town homes with garages (think Gardens,) 180 multi-level “flat” condos (a la the Vue) and 218 apartments…which will no doubt be exactly the same, and probably interspersed with the condos…the […]

San Pedro Real Estate Inventory

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The Real Estate inventory in San Pedro has remained relatively unchanged in the past year with the exception of a dip in late spring. The change in the past year is the median price which is up almost $100,000 and the average days a listing is on the market which is almost half of what it was […]

When is the best time to list your house?

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Several factors play into the speed in getting a great offer on your home at a great price…We’ve already discussed how important your agent is who is marketing your home..the other issue is always supply and demand.   If you have a unique property, it’s not as big of an issue however in most cases […]

Will holding open houses help sell my property?

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Simply put, open houses do not sell property…Open houses sell agents. Some agents marketing involves holding a property open every weekend…and that’s about it.  You’ll notice those properties tend to sit longer on the market and often sell for less…In today’s digital houses are old fashioned, and can in fact be detrimental to the […]

Buy or By

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DONALD TRUMP ESTATE FOR SALE! Proofreading goes a long way before sending out marketing to every Realtor in the are for a new listing…Especially on a high priced estate. Do you see it?