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Should I get solar panels for my home?

Should I get solar panels for my home?

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    While solar panels are a “green” way to produce energy and will definitely reduce your cost of power there are some down sides the solar companies won’t tell you. 1.  They typically come with a 20 year lease.  The initial installation and the panels are no cost to the home owner but they […]

2015 Real Estate Predictions

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JANUARY 05, 201510:58 AM ET Marilyn Geewax MARILYN GEEWAX Six years ago, homebuilders and Realtors were facing brutal business conditions: millions of Americans were losing their jobs and homes. As 2015 begins, hiring is strong and economic indicators are pointing up. Could this be the year when the housing market finally breaks out of its […]

Is My Zillow Estimate Correct?

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You are curious about how much your home is worth….Not wanting to be harassed by a pushy Realtor, you go online and use sites like, plug in your address…wait a few seconds and your “Zestimate,” pops up within seconds. The problem with these sites in they only take into account data, they don’t take […]