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Posted by on May 27, 2014 in Uncategorized | No Comments

A new listing of a single family home in South Redondo came on the market today.  514 El Redondo in Redondo Beach is in a desirable area and has great curb appeal on a tree lined street and near a park.   It’s a 2 bedroom listed for $965,000.

The house has a nicely remodeled kitchen, a large rear yard.  The list agent did a wonderful job of hiring a professional photographer and the home owners have done a nice job decorating and choosing the finishes.

Since the home is only 1414 square feet and has only 2 bedrooms, maximizing the space and appeal is incredibly important in getting top dollar.   The property is located close to a couple of schools but it’s not likely that a family with kids will be the buyer.  I suspect the buyer will be a single or couple move up buyer…so we’d want to change some decor to appeal to that crowd.  I would have suggested that the home owner make a few easy changes to appeal to our likely buyer.  Let’s look at the photo of the living room:

Relaxing family room


It’s the main living space in the house and it’s a nice room with a fireplace and obviously the place to watch television and it’s just off the patio/yard.  It has lovely wood floors and a wall of shelves.   Unfortunately the room is all mid tones with a sofa that appears dated and over crowded shelves.  It’s a little stuff for an entertainment room off the yard.  The fireplace also dates the room.   So how do we improve it?

1. Pick up the rug, it’s much too large and covering the great wood floors which are a selling point.  It could be replaced by a smaller and more colorful/modern rug.

2.  Paint the brick…I know some people think painting brick is not a good idea, however in this case it will lighten up the room and appear more modern.  I might also paint the mantle.

3.  Edit the shelf contents.  Removing over half of the books and then adding in some well thought out accessories would best show off the storage and open the room up.

4.  I might paint the wall just in the bench seat area.  It gets lost that there is seating there.  I would also remove the pillows and use some more “cushy” type pillows just in the corners.

5. Rearrange the seating to center the sofa to the fireplace and place a chair on each end of the sofa facing in.  The coffee table is a little small, so if there is a handy replacement that would be great, otherwise it will be moved a little further from the sofa and accessorized.

6.  New art work or a mirror in place of art work over sofa.

So there you have it…for only the cost of some paint and a new rug, you’d have a whole new vibe to attract the right buyer who will value and pay top dollar for this home.

My prediction for this sale?  Without a few updates throughout, will sit around and ultimately will be reduced under 9 ($899,000) and sell somewhere mid 800s.    With some updating that would appeal to the right buyers, I suspect it would sell between $925 and the list price.   $75,000 should be enough motivation to make a few changes…we’ll watch it and see what happens.

If you are thinking of selling your home and would like some suggestions about what you can do to improve it’s appeal to the right buyer, send me some photos and I’ll be happy to give you suggestions.