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Palos Verdes Real Estate, How to Sell Your Home for More

Posted by on Jun 13, 2014 in Uncategorized | No Comments

As we head into summer, the Real Estate market in Palos Verdes Estates is slowing down.  We are seeing more inventory and more price reductions as many buyers have backed off searching for a property in exchange for graduations, weddings and getting ready for summer vacations.

It is even more important to have your home stand out if you have it on the market currently or plan to list it this summer.   Every house needs some staging, fixing and great photography.   Realtors who run through the property snapping photos with their phones should be a huge red flag for you.   Buyer interest starts online for 95% of buyers, even buyers that aren’t focused on looking still tend to search online to be sure they aren’t missing anything and you can be sure that if they see something that looks great…they will make time to see it.  You want yours to be one of the ones that look great online.

I wrote about 1913 Dalton in Lunada Bay (PVE) a few weeks ago.   It has not sold and they’ve done a price reduction of $130,000.  It is now listed at $2,208,000 ($583SF) well below the average price per SF.   They would have been much better off having made some changes (see past blog) and better staging the property.  The cost would have been $1000 or so and would have likely saved them $129,000!   That’s worth some time and effort.

Here is a newer listing 1313 Via Romero in Palos Verdes Estates.  It’s a 3928 SF home with 4 bedrooms and 5 baths listed for $2,329,000 ($592 SF) again lower than the average price per SF in PVE.   The agent clearly used his phone to snap some truly awful photos.

1313 Via Romero


It’s dark and dreary and buyers won’t’ be certain what sort of room it is.   Here is another MLS photo:

Downstairs guest 1/2 bath, one of two bathrooms on the first lev


A sink?  Notice his hand in the mirror taking the photo?   These are pretty awful and no way to sell at $2.3 million home.

My prediction for 1313 Via Romero…a series of price reductions until bargain hunters find it cheap enough to purchase.  Unfortunately with some staging, professional lighting and photography, this is a home that would have already likely sold for the list price.

It takes effort prior to getting a property on the market, it’s best to consult with a Realtor who does staging and/or works with a professional stager to make some changes so that your house shows in its best possible light and you get the absolute maximum sale price.

If you have a question about what changes to make in your home,  please email me a photo and some basic info about your home and I’ll be happy to give you some suggestions.  Send to Rebecca@VistaSIR