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7 Via La Cima

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This is a great stand alone townhouse in Rancho Palos Verdes.  It was built in 1982 and is a great size at 2650 SF with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  The complex has only 10 town homes that feel like single family homes and share a pool and wonderful gardens.  This unit also has a lovely ocean view.

This town home is currently listed for $1,049,000 which is priced right.

So why isn’t it selling?  In a word, “stuff.”  Too much stuff.  Some of the stuff is dated, some of the stuff is beautiful but there is just too much of it.  Here are some of the photos and what I would recommend the sellers change in order to see a great offer:

Entry full of Stuff


This is the entry with a neutral floor and neutral walls and a jungle of plants, large pieces of furniture and some decorative art work.   It all detracts from the lovely architecture of the home.   I would suggest taking down the artwork and removing all the plants and furniture.   I would relocate the sun (or another piece of artwork) on the back lighter colored wall and try the smaller, rectangular table underneath and accessorize it.  I would also add some softness with a rug.  You want to welcome people into the home, not make them feel they are doing an obstacle course to get to the next room.



Onto the kitchen.  We’ve got decorative tile trim, decorative painting and again more plants and “stuff.”    We also have a nice large pantry with the doors open.   Let’s make some changes:  Remove all of the decorative stuff.  All of it from on top of the cabinets, from the floor (including the small rug) and let’s close the pantry doors.   Since it is such a neutral space, I would add a large rug featuring a color pulled from the decorative tile, probably a rust color mixed with some reds and darker colors.  Besides a rug, I wouldn’t add anything…just removal here.



The bathroom:  Again, too much stuff and the rug and hanging towel appear dingy in the photo.  You want to avoid dingy at all costs.  I’d remove the decorative mirror and towel hanger, also the plants and all of the decorative accessories and wall art. The rug and trash can?  also have to go.   I would hang a simple mirror replacing what is there and a simple towel hanger in a material to match the faucets.   This would update the space tremendously.   Then I’d edit the accessories and bring a few back along with some colorful towels.   The dog painting would be centered in the toilet room and the wreath would disappear.

That’s just a few of the rooms that I’d like to help this seller with.  Once these changes are made, new photos and marketing and I think buyers would be submitting great offers right away.

Remember, when you are selling your ceases to become your home.  It’s best to focus on getting the highest and best offer and the way to do that is to clear out your home of things that may be precious to you, but will inhibit many buyers.  I always suggest that my Sellers go out and buy many plastic bins with lids and start loading them up.  You’re going to move anyhow, it’s a good time saver later and money maker now!

If you are having trouble getting offers and/or would like to some advice about how to best present your home when selling, I’m always happy to help.  You can email photos to: