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Fix my Staging

Posted by on May 5, 2014 in Uncategorized | No Comments

Another example of bad staging.  In this case less is more.

This is a current listing in a beautiful area of San Pedro.  The house is a flip, purchased by an investor and renovated and was first listed at $739,000.   They “staged” the house but not in a good way and it actually is causing the home to not sell.   It’s a 3 bedrooms with a 4th room that acts as a loft but could be another bedroom…here is how they staged it

4th large loft-style bedroom.  Could be ideal for office, kids p

2nd view of poorly staged Loft


Bad staging in “loft”








They brought in outdated “puffy” furniture into a small space (and it could not have been easy to get it upstairs which makes it even a stranger choice,) dark sofa and chairs, a too small rug and an odd table and 2 chairs.  Not sure if the idea is to carry dinner upstairs and stare at the ugly sofas?

What’s the fix?  This “transitional” space, meaning it could be a living room a tv room, a kids play room or a bedroom…would have been better left empty than staged like this.  It would have read as “bonus” space and the buyer could imagine it fitting into their own needs.

The other issue is there was an addition to this house which used up virtually all of the back yard so while it is being marketed as 4 bedrooms which will appeal to most families, they are going to be turned off by the lack of yard.  That changes who the buyer is likely to be.   In this case, the buyer is probably going to be a single person, a couple or a couple with one or 2 older kids (16+)…so let them choose what to use the loft as (maybe it’s a work at home office?) and stage the patio to make the most out of the lack of yard…show that there is indeed enough space for a dog, a BBQ and room for outdoor entertaining.

This property has reduced it’s price $100,000 since it was listed not long ago…and it’s unfortunate, if it were just staged correctly (and had professional photos) I suspect it would have sold at it’s original price or pretty darn close.

As always, if you have a design/staging questions, send me a photo and I’ll be happy to give you some direction.