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Hire a specialist to sell your property

Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Uncategorized | No Comments

There is a difference between a listing agent and a buyer’s agent…a big difference.  While some agents stretch themselves to do both jobs, it just means they specialize in neither, not the best option for the client.soldsign

Listing agents know how to price, market and sell homes.  They know how to negotiate and get the best price for the property for sale. Listing agents also know all the local requirements, cost of sale to the seller and how to find the right buyer.  All sellers want the top price and best terms and the rest should be left up to the list agent to be sure those things happen.

Buyer’s agents will spend their time understanding what the client wants in their new home, taking them to see homes and narrowing down the search.  Buyer’s agents have to know the supply and demand and what their clients should be paying for a home.

A listing agent is more aggressive and a buyer’s agent is more passive.  All Doctors are MDs but you probably don’t want to see your cardiologist for an orthopedic issue.  They probably could do the job, but who would want them to if they had a choice?

When you list your home, be sure you hire a specialized listing agent like myself…you’ll be glad you did!