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How to choose a Real Estate agent

Posted by on Oct 9, 2013 in Uncategorized | No Comments

Sometimes I feel sorry for the property owner when I see new listings on the MLS.  Everyone knows a Real Estate agent or knows someone who knows one…but knowing someone does not make that person a professional…it doesn’t make them good at what they do.

Just today a new listing appeared next door to a home I sold a few months ago. The homes are very similar in style, square footage and lot size.  There is no staging, horrible photos taken by the agent, dimly lit rooms and a description that is not appealing.  The price is wrong and the agent is clearly not familiar with the area…When I saw it, my first thought was…”I wish they would have called me.”

Here is the photo of the living room and dining room in the property listed by another agent:

Living Room

Bad photo

Bad photos

Here are photos of the living room and dining room in the house next door that I sold.  Professional lighting and photography.

010_20thdining01 018_20thliving01I always want my Sellers to have the best possible experience when selling their home.  I want them to get the highest sale price for their home.   My job is to bring value to the property and communicate that value to buyers.  My job is to make your home, and more importantly, the photographs of your home look like they belong in Homes and Gardens magazine.

Selling your home is typically the largest transaction of your life time, don’t leave it to your friend’s aunt who works part-time selling Real Estate or to a friend of a friend…Look for and hire a professional.