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Is the Hermosa Real Estate Market Shifting?

Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Uncategorized | No Comments

The Real Estate market often shifts quickly and you have to have a close eye on it to see it…everyone catches on before it’s too late and then they both have to wrap their heads around it and adjust their plans.

We’ve seen the Hermosa Real Estate market change, inventory has been low and prices have continued to rise…until recently.  We are seeing the highest number of price reductions in listed properties we’ve seen in years.

We have a weekly meeting here at Vista Sothebys’s and the time spent announcing price reductions in Hermosa and Manhattan and even Redondo was extensive today.

The properties that are selling quickly are priced slightly below market value and attracting multiple buyers and go into escrow quickly.  Those with ambitious pricing are sitting on the market longer and many reducing the price.

The take away her is the Hermosa Real Estate Market IS shifting and if you are thinking about selling and getting your equity out, NOW is the time.   Be ahead of the curve instead of competing with all others who suddenly realize they need to sell and get the equity out of their homes.

If you are thinking about selling, please call us 310.989.4466 and we’re happy to discuss today’s value of your property and where the market is heading so you’re one of the few who got good advice before the market shifted too much.