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Listing Home During Holidays

Posted by on Oct 27, 2014 in Uncategorized | No Comments



Many people take their homes OFF the market for the holidays in November and December…That benefits sellers who either list during that time or leave their property on the market during the same time.   There are many benefits to selling your home during the holidays, here are the big ones:

1. Supply of housing inventory tends to go down in November, so demand goes up which means higher offers, and higher sale prices.   Many who take their homes off the market re-list in January and then you have more competition for buyers.

2.   Festive holiday decorations lend to the appeal of properties and neighborhoods.   If you are lucky, your Realtor will help you decorate/stage so it not only appeals to your family, buyers will also be impressed and leave with a warm fuzzy feeling, which always translates into $$$$.

3.  Closing before the end of the year can simplify tax issues when Buying or Selling.

4.  Buyers looking at property during the holiday season tend to be serious buyers that are motivated and have a deadline to move.

5.  The kids are typically out of school for a few weeks and can be involved in the packing/moving/buying a new home process.

6. You’ll enjoy the holidays more knowing your home is under contract and you’ll be starting the new year fresh in a new home.

If you are thinking about selling before the end of the year, I’d love to work with you so that you do receive great offers and can move as soon as you’d like.