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Neutral Design for Selling Home

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You’ve decided to sell your home and you watch those Real Estate shows that have trained you that “neutral” colors are the way to go, so you go out to Home Depot and choose things in a “tan” shade, cabinets, paint, and then off to find tan bedding and towels…Stop!!  Unfortunately neutral automatically translates into a bland tan color to most…but it’s not and it won’t get you the results you were hoping for.   You think tan is least likely to offend, however a lack of color and design actually puts off many buyers.   You don’t want buyers leaving and not remembering anything.  The brain and they eye needs things to stop and focus on, color, texture…spots of light and dark in order to be stimulating and memorable.

Bland Neutral Room

The above room is totally neutral….and totally boring.  When we sell your home, we aren’t selling it to the masses…we are selling it to the capable buyer who falls in love with the space, location and design.  That means we can be unique in the design and color scheme we choose.

southwesternThe above photo is an actual current listing in Redondo Beach.  It’s on its second agent, is quite large and priced below others…and it’s not selling…can you see why?  The Southwestern theme runs through the town home.   It looks dated and gives the buyers the feeling that the whole home is old.   Red/orange isn’t great for a bedroom but we could make it work.  We’d strip down the room to just the bed (removing the headboard if possible) and add in some bold modern bedding and artwork and some silver accessories (balancing the warm of the color with the cool of metal will create a room that people want to be in.)  This is one listing I’d love to get my hands on.

Neutral design can still have a leaning, i.e.. Modern or Traditional…stay away from all themed idea or any collection you might have (and that includes collecting tan things.) Even a beach theme can be overwhelming in a beach house if there is just too much of it.   Beach themes can use soothing blues, greys and greens but stay away from too many shells, beach theme artwork etc.  Balance is the name of the game…we want to suggest but not hit buyers over the head.

Deep Color Room

The above photo was a home I sold that had deeply colored walls, pea green and deep grey, the furniture was kept relatively neutral so it worked.  While most people wouldn’t be bold enough to choose those colors, once in the space, buyers adored it and there were multiple offers and it sold over asking.

If your kitchen and bathrooms are old, should you go out and remodel?  The answer is no.  Buyers hate it when they love a house but do not like the very newly remodeled expensive rooms like baths and kitchen.  They feel they’d be paying for a remodel they will eventually tear out.  Consult with your designer/stager and see what low cost upgrades make sense.  Sometimes just painting the cabinets or updating the appliances along with the right staging can make a world of difference.

Buyers tend to respond to the over all design of a house and how it makes them FEEL…in order to do that, you have to create a feeling that will be received as a positive.

If you are thinking about selling, it will benefit you to consult with a stager, designer or Realtor who has design experience (that would be me,) to put together a game plan as to how to present your home.  It will sell faster and for a much higher amount than if you just sell it as is.  Changes can be very inexpensive and sometimes at zero cost to you.

Remember, buyers are buying what they view as THEIR house…they don’t want YOUR house…so when you’re selling, keep that in mind.

I am always open for a staging/design consultation if you are thinking of selling your home and as always, I include those services when you list your home with me.

Even if you’re not local…send me some photos and I’ll give you some suggestions.

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