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Palos Verdes Real Estate Market is Changing

Posted by on Jun 28, 2016 in Uncategorized | No Comments

Tuesday is the day for Broker Open Houses on the hill.  This morning there are a whopping 52 properties on the list for brokers to see from 11-1.  Typically we can get to about 4 an hour and usually have to cover the same area to be able to make it to one every 15 minutes.   It’s impossible to see say, RHE listings and then run over to Lunada Bay or Crest without spending more time driving than seeing with so many listings.


The Palos Verdes Real Estate Market is changing, and this is a major indication that the market has shifted (as it usually does in the summer) from a seller’s market to a buyer’s.

In Rolling Hills Estates alone there are 5 open houses today, 4 of them are new listings.   That’s where I’ll be spending my time and then running over to some view properties in PVE looking for a client.

Since the Palos Verdes Real Estate Market is changing, should you hold off on selling?  Not if you need or want to sell, but I would give some advice…use a local Realtor…there isn’t time to fool with someone who doesn’t know the area and the Palos Verdes Real Estate market.   Be sure it shows well…repairs and staging are key, price it appropriately knowing you are competing with many other choices, be patient…the days on market has gone from about 45-60 to 90+ very rapidly and we can expect that number to climb.

If you are thinking about selling your Palos Verdes home anywhere on the hill, please reach out so I can help you prepare you home to stand out in this crowded field.