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Should I take my property off the market for the holidays?

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If your goal is to sell your house, then no don’t take it off the market.  Why you ask…a couple of reasons:

1. Other people are pulling their homes off the market for the holidays so inventory, while already low will be even lower.  When inventory decreases, demand and prices go up.

2. Your house probably has some holiday decoration making it warm and festive and attractive to buyers…you might even be baking and those smells don’t hurt either!

3.  Buyers that continue to look through the holidays are serious buyers that really need to find a place.

Somethings I’d suggest you do if you do decide to leave your house on the market through the holidays is have your agent take the lock box off and agree to show it in person, also discuss dates you will be celebrating and let your agent know you will not have any showings that day (or maybe the day after for clean up.)

2013 has been an unusual year in Real Estate in that January started with a bang and the market has remained strong all year with November being no exception.  We are even seeing homes in Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills that have been on the market for over a year go into escrow now.

Wishing you and yours very happy holidays and a prosperous 2014!!!