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To use a lock box or not?

Posted by on Aug 29, 2013 in Uncategorized | No Comments

I don’t use lock boxes on my client’s property (except in special circumstances)…and I’ll tell you why:

My job is to sell your home, to the best buyer and for the highest price…Part of doing that job is being at the property to show to prospective buyers…to sell the home.   When I am at the property I can point out details that may have otherwise gone unnoticed,  I can describe the neighborhood and neighbors, I can turn on the lights/music and be sure the home is in perfect condition to show.  I can also gage the seriousness of the buyer and see that twinkle in their eye when they fall in love with the property.  In addition I can make sure nothing is touched that shouldn’t be touched, be sure pets are left in or out and be sure the house is left secure when I leave.   When I’m at your home meeting agents and buyers, that is an active form of selling your home.   Having a lock box and allowing people to come and go at will is a passive form.


Wont’ I get less showings if we don’t use a lock box?

Yes, but serious buyers who can afford the property will make an appointment to see the property.   Buyers who are not serious or looking outside their price range will typically not bother to make an appointment.  It’s not about volume of showings, it’s about attracting the right buyer and having him/her see your property in it’s best possible light.

Isn’t it very time-consuming to show every listing in person?

Yes, but it’s absolutely important and worth every second invested.

But, don’t the lock boxes tell you who used them? 

Our MLS covers everything from San Diego to Central California, any Realtor with a lock box key can use a lockbox left on a property.   Years ago, we all knew each other but today there is no control over who uses a lockbox (except for setting time limits.)  If a door is left open, we will know which agents entered, but if there is more than one…it’s hard to say who left the door open.

When you shop for  a car or jewelry, the salesperson is there pointing out the bells and whistles and the benefits and describing things you probably would not have noticed if you jumped into the vehicle yourself to explore…A home purchase is much larger and more important, don’t hire a lock box to show your property.