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Where Buyers find the home they purchase

Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in Uncategorized | No Comments
Where Buyers found their home they purchased

Where Buyers found their home they purchased

The single most important thing when listing your home is to find a Realtor who knows how to market it-online.  This means they give you suggestions of what to spruce up on your property, they stage it (sometimes it’s complete staging and others, just moving somethings around or adding/taking away accessories,) and they have wonderful and interesting photos taken.  They tell a story in words and pictures to grab the attention of the majority of buyers who are searching online…no easy feat with the short attention span of most busy people these days.

While Buyers want to know what the details of the home look like, they are more taken in by photos that give glimpse of what it’s like to actually live there.  Real Estate photography that is more “Better Homes and Gardens” is much more effective than snap shots of rooms.

Big, glossy print ads in Real Estate magazines…not so much.  Print ads do more to advertise the Realtor than the property.  Sure, you never know if you’re buyer will come from the 1% that actually finds their home as a result of print ads…but 99% says effort and energy is better spent elsewhere.